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Camino Coffee Roasters sources high quality specialty coffee from around the world. We roast in small batches and ensure that we bring out the regional qualities and flavor notes of each bean. No over-roasting, no unnatural flavoring oils, just a great cup of coffee!

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Origin: Ethiopia
Location at Origin: Yirgacheffe
Name of Farm: YCFCU
Grade: Grade II
Processing: washed / dried on African drying beds
Certification: Organic / Fairtrade / Rainforest Alliance
Altitude: 2200m
Plant Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
Cupping Notes: This Yirgacheffe coffee has a mix of sweet and spicy flavors (caramel, ginger) with a lemon, tangerine and blueberry finish. We roast our Ethiopian to a light / medium roast. Anything more and you loose a lot of the varietal nuances of the coffee. This one is a must try - it's fantastic!


Origin: Guatemala
Location at Origin: San Marcos
Name of Farm: Finca Nueva Granada
Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
Processing: Fully Washed
Certification: Rainforest Alliance
Altitude: 1,800 meters
Plant Varietal: Bourbon
Cupping Notes: Berry, green apple, jasmine, and sweet lemon with a velvety finish.

Bulls Bay Blend

Grade: Blend
Certification: Rainforest Alliance
Cupping Notes: Bulls Bay Blend was created for a local fisherman who needed a strong cup of coffee to kickstart the day at 4a.m. We use a blend of Rainforest Alliance certified green coffee from farms in Central and South America that use shade grown farming techniques, have excellent water preservation programs, and provide onsite schooling. Once we get them to Awendaw we roast 'em DARK - just the way Captain Mike requested.

Costa Rica

Name of Farm: Finca Dalia
Cupping Notes: One of the only women owned coffee farms in the Americas, Dalia Salazar Padilla produces this excellent coffee on a tiny 8 acre farm. Cupping notes include delicate floral notes, honey, and cinnamon

Columbia Limited Production

Name of Farm: ANEI
Grade: Supremo
Certification: FairTrade, Organic
Cupping Notes: This supremo grade columbian is produced by a group of 600 indigenous families with the aim to support environmentally friendly farming practices and to build and empower communities. Check out the Youtube video:

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